Location: to be updated, Cairo, Egypt
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Cairo, Egypt
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BlinkApp Company working in R&D based solutions and unique business models. We are focusing on the area of high performance computing on the edge, machine learning and crowd sensing. We are the first ever in the world to build a model to reserve engineer all GPUs to fully utilising it. We are working since 2015 belong to BenaIT Company, and then we established BlinkApp LLC on April 2017. BlinkApp is an automatic accident detection and notification system that allows emergency units to respond to car crashes immediately by notifying them once the car crash occurs that finishes detection and notification in less than 70 millisecond (a blink of eye). We can help in reducing the effect of car accidents as saving just 10 minutes in medical response time could save 40%-50% more lives. It is working automatically on accident without any need for interaction from the user and send automatic responses to police, ambulance and relatives. It doesn't need any communication with the car or any hardware.