Blimp Media

Radio controlled advertising blimps
Westgate on Sea, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description
Indoor and Outdoor aerial advertising. Blimp Media provides radio controlled advertising blimps (airships) with a Handler to advertise at trade shows, exhibitions and shopping malls. Our radio controlled blimps carry your message and corporate logo where it can be seen. They are engaging, intruiging and considered likeable, a powerful medium placement for your advertisement. Visit for further information.
Business model
Business to Business advertising service for trade shows, exhibitions and retail promotion in shopping malls. Get your message seen, rise above the rest and engage people's interest.
Competitive advantage
Our service is one of only two in the UK we know of providing advertising on tether free radio controlled advertising blimps for trade show, exhibition and retail promotion. Our service is unique, engaging, intruiging and results in high recall rates for the advertiser and gets their message noticed.