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Company description

Blabberize is a site that you can make pictures talk with YOUR voice! All you need to do is upload a picture, select the mouth, and record some audio and you have your own talking picture that you can embed anywhere you like! Microphones are not necessary, you can call in your audio and upload a wav or mp3 file. Say hello! Say Happy Birthday! Say I love you! Say whatever you like all in a goofy little package that personal and sure to bring a smile to whomever you share it with.



Business model

Premium Service:

We have many advanced features that we are releasing only to pay users that want to make more powerful blabbers.

Features such as:

  • Higher bandwidth allocated to embeds
  • No ads on Embeds
  • More then 3 scenes in a single blabber
  • Longer Audio Uploads
  • Longer Audio Records by Microphone
  • Higher quality picture upload


We are segmenting the blabbers into various verticles on site to target advertisers. For example a blabber page with only dogs on it would have sponsorship from a company that sells products for dogs.

Competitive advantage
There are many sites that try to make pictures talk but they move towards realism and take the process of creation away from the user. We focused on reducing our bandwidth cost while making out users laugh and smile with easy to create visuals that give our users a sense of creation and ownership.