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Bit:Möb is a revolutionary Global Omni Social communications platform allows consumers & brands to send and receive data to and from anyone in a specific user-defined geographic region worldwide that uses the platform,  regardless of whether they have opted into a conventional social network or affinity vehicle for a Brand.  It incorporates Geo Fence and Beacon communication processes, but also includes the aspects of a conventional social networks, where the user can restrict communication from users that they choose to, or simply “Get Into The Conversation” with people who are in the area with something relevant to say.

Bit:Möb users and Brand customers are then able  to create “ dynamic” networks of people that they interact with, and would engage in conversation “threads” which disappear when they leave the radius of the conversation, leaving only the contact , if saved, of an interaction with another user, which can be grouped into a dynamic “micro social network.”  Brands can further employ the Micro Network capability of the platform to exponentially increase distribution of messaging via the native BitMob platform in conjunction with most social networks and messaging platforms.  These networks can receive QR codes, Video, Rich Content, Text, Photos, Audio or any type of creative that the brand chooses to employ.

With the promise of Geo based "beacon" application development deployment, fulfillment losing momentum in a crowded marketplace, BitMob enables brands to quickly leverage a turnkey process to immediately enable the Geo Notification process without the tremendous expense of application development, marketing, and deployment of beacon infrastructure.  Unlike mobile applications that are "one sided" in favor of the marketer, BitMob is built around the concept of Relevant Content to enhance and reinforce consumer utility of the platform.

Bit:Möb allows the brand and the individual user to select a geographic area to send a message and to  “push”  to people in a defined radius, or push messaging to their external Social Networks, or redistribute external social networks across platforms,  such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Foursquare Instagram, etc.  Each user has the option to  aggregate their respective Social Media feeds into a consolidated chat field to make all of the networks more relevant and accessible without switching in and out of multiple applications.    Bit:Möb users can also pull in relevant events in their immediate area, and create unique Bit:Möb experiences without the constraints of conventional social network processes.

Finally, Bit:Möb enables the brand to integrate marketing processes into the relevant content feeds for users, while the users access familiar relevant content from social networks, search favorites, happenings, and groups that are relevant, and engage in communication with text, photographs, audio and video and message globally with dynamic language translations…in essence, breaking down the constraints of language barriers for Brands and Consumers.


-Offer a deal on Heineken throughout a national Grocery Store Chain and have consumers notified when they cross a specific radius (10 yards, etc) …or transmit the offer in English, have it dynamically translated into Spanish, German, etc when a consumer enters the defined radius for the offer...radius can be 10 yards or 3 miles from the location...

-Retailers can target competitive landscapes more effectively by casting a "net" around a specific  radius for their competitors retail locations,   and present relevant offers for specific types of consumers ..a message may be deployed in a 500 yard radius of a retail location and deliver a brand specific offer to Home Improvement customers (Home Depot/Lowes, etc) for general use, or to "switch pitch" a Wal-Mart customer, to get them to shop Target instead..  People who are walking by a Starbucks could receive an offer from Dunkin Donuts to get gift card today only if they buy their coffee from DD and complete a registration to receive offers etc.

-Brand can deploy relevant messages and capture specific demographic targets in a specific geographic area as a matter of course, by scheduling messages that relate to the particular profile of the consumer as they walk past a retail location in a mall, or as they drive by a retail location.

-Increase the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns for brands, by deploying specific messages in a defined radius in advance of travelers passing by outdoor campaigns...a message might be deployed 1 mile prior to passengers in an automobile passing a billboard that advertises a particular Automobile brand, dealership, etc.

-Sports Marketing - BitMob enables spectators to engage in relevant dialogue at large outdoor or indoor sporting events, transmitting data & media to each other in realtime, such as  Nascar Events, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc, and the event feeds may incorporate relevant data pertaining  to all events, with sponsor tags and offers that will not be construed as intrusive advertising to the consumer.

-Conference Attendance - another area that has not realized its potential, specific industry/professional conference attendees may suppress feeds of irrelevant social networks during a conference, perhaps only enabling LINKEDIN, and native Geo Specific Bit:Möb activity, while engaging with relevant happenings and messaging about schedule, events, offers, speakers, etc during the event...and at the conclusion of the event, the data disappears if the user chooses, as they return to their daily process of using the platform for general communication


Consumers access the platform via Mobile only.

Brands incoporporate Server Side and Mobile platform access.

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(no downloads available, completing Beta, APKs available on request)