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Bioethanol Specialist to Eliminate Common Problems of Bioethanol Fuel
Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) Korea (South)
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Company description

We are a venture company specialized in bio-ethanol fuel business, based in Korea and Indonesia.


We developed a formula, named Vx, which can stabilize the ethonal-blended gasoline fuel even in 85 %  ethanol blends, and this summer we finally acquired patents thereof  from Korean government.

The ethanol-blended gasoline together with Vx shows the following key characteristics;

 - No phase seperation. 

 - No corrosion development in engines and related parts.

It is not necessary to use FFVs and change current infrastructure for fuel transporation and storage system.

Ours, we believe, is the first and most innovative bio-ethanol fuel in the world.


We are now seeking for our business opportunity in U.S.A., China and south east asian countries,

to locate ourselves as bio-fuel blender or supplier, not as a simple additive manufacturer.


In this regard, we like to have your assistances or advices, developing our relationship into

any type of partnerships, simple investments, and so on.

Business model