Binary Tree

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Company description

BinaryTree is an online platform for Operations Teams to create, manage and find the documentation they need. With BinaryTree you can finally say no to spreadsheets. It allows you to track your network endpoints (nodes), document your incidents from alert to resolution and catalog your operational procedures or runbooks.

What problem are you trying to solve?

There are currently large infrastructure companies that have operations teams that use spreadsheets to mange nodes and/or runbooks. We are looking to eliminate these massive spreadsheets with our application. There are of course other major benefits like search and the ability to share runbooks.



Competitive advantage

We are providing Software as a Service. Our product allows business of any size a tool to manage their internal infrastructure correctly. We aim to move Operations teams away from spreadsheets with our technology. Our technology stack offers a simple to use UI to manage system and network infrastructure. With the ability to create and share runbooks with coworkers. Lastly, incident tracking to allow teams to record events for investigative and reporting purposes. Our next phase will include node discovery that syncs with and integration with system monitoring services.