Bilytica - Business Intelligence & Analytics

Bilytica - Business Intelligence & Analytics
Build a culture of Analytics with Bilytica - Because everyone has business questions they need answered
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Bilytica is a consulting company with major focus on business intelligence, data intelligence, enterprise software development and enterprise resource planning solutions. With head office in Australia, Bilytica has presence in 20 countries with 25000+ customers who use Bilytica products on cloud and on premises on daily basis. Bilytica helps its clients in better resource management and cost reduction to boost profit and total market shares.

Core Services offered by Bilytica:
1. Business intelligence & Advance Analytics
2. Data Integrations & Data warehouse Implementation
3. Big Data & Machine Learning
4. Enterprise Software Development
5. Mobile Application Development

Core Solutions offered by Bilytica:
1. Enterprise ERP & CRM Software
2. Enterprise HR & Payroll Software
3. Healthcare practice Management Software (E Clinic)
4. Mechanical Design & Engineering Services