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Bilneur Inc
BilNeur is the Airbnb for businesss’ idle resources, whether its office space, office equipment, or its idle staff.
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description is the first-of-its-kind business model based on the growing collaborative consumption trend that allows new opportunities for businesses to offer their resources – whether it’s office equipment, office space, services, or staff – during less productive times in order to keep up with overhead costs and maintain salaries for employees who might otherwise be facing cuts in hours or layoffs.

Founder Rohit Balaji’s vision of embracing a collaborative consumption business model came in 2005, two years before the term had even been coined, when he owned a wholesale trading business that was busy half of the week, but idle the other half. Manpower and resources were costing the company huge sums of money during those down times; Balaji saw an opportunity to lease his trucks and office equipment when they were otherwise sitting unused, and to bring in outside work for his staff to maintain their full time hours. His ideas, at the time, were met with skepticism.

Balaji’s foresight caught up with him in early 2011, when the collaborative consumption trend found its “perfect storm” for success: The housing bust and economic crash, increased concern for environmental issues, a scaled-down approach to living and making purchases, and technologic advances that forced businesses to rethink strategies that no longer served the nation’s immediate needs. With growing legions of individuals and home-based Internet businesses looking for short term or temporary use of office equipment, office space, and even staff, brick and mortars are discovering that they have something to offer beyond the scope of their primary business.

Now that businesses are struggling simply to keep their doors open and pay staff, a new collaborative approach to doing business and creating jobs means that success lies in an entrepreneurial movement toward embracing the growing preference for access over ownership.

BilNeur will serve as the effective clearinghouse businesses need to match their resources with others who need them on a short term or temporary basis, increasing revenues and spurring job growth.

How it works:

 For instance, BilNeur  will help a home-based or small web-based business owner in Seattle rent a conference room for a few hours from a nearby business in order to conduct a meeting or presentation in a professional setting, instead of a makeshift alternative like Starbucks. The individual contractor or small company has the luxury of finding a suitable conference room to meet with a potential or existing client, while the business with an empty conference room can cover the cost to heat or cool it for a week just by renting it out for a few hours during down time. 

A business can offer the services of an otherwise idle administrative assistant to field someone's calls, prepare an Excel spreadsheet, proof read documents, make copies on their idle copier or a million other things.

In fact, this type of collaborative venture will allow any company or individual to reserve a conference room, office space, warehouse space, equipment and other resources for a few hours, or a few days from a participating business in any U.S. city, through BilNeur.

BilNeur will also help businesses sell idle inventory easily and quickly through group selling and volume pricing features.

Most importantly, according to Balaji, BilNeur offers a viable solution to the dismal state of employment in the U.S.

 Companies struggling to maintain payroll can contract to take in part-time or short-term work from outside companies to keep staff busy when there isn’t enough internal work to go around.  Business owners benefit by bringing in extra money to maintain staff and keep in-house operations running effectively. Employees benefit by maintaining the security of ongoing employment and maximum hours. Outside contractors benefit by having the competent, supervised staff they need on hand when they need it.

The BilNeur team plans to roll out a beta version of the fee-based BilNeur sell-rent-share platform exclusively for businesses by November 2011. By November 2012, Balaji expects BilNeur to be a multi-million dollar company, coordinating almost unlimited revenue opportunities and jobs for businesses all over the U.S.

The name BilNeur was derived from two words: Billion Entrepreneurs. The idea for the name came from the book Billions of Entrepreneurs: How India & China are Reshaping the World with Billions of Entrepreneurs.

Vision & Approach:

BilNeur sees itself as the Airbnb for business resources, and when BilNeur is talking resources, that includes staff.
Utilizing the new “what’s mine is yours” collaborative consumption model that is the basis for Airbnb,, and a growing list of Internet-based companies looking to match goods and services with the people who need them (with just a short-term commitment). is designed to address the new economic theory that business will need to rethink the way they operate as more people accept that consumption and ownership is likely to have a new meaning in the future.

In January, 2011, TIME Magazine named collaborative consumption “One of the “10 Ideas That Will Change The World,” declaring that “Ownership hadn't made the U.S. vital; it had just about ruined the country.”

The collaborative consumption (aka “peer-to-peer”) business model has transformed outdated business models with online giants like Groupon and Netflix, and found a niche called social lending (Zopa), new ventures like, Zimeide, TaskRabbit, Zilok and more, enabling “peer-to-peer” to become the default way people do business — whether it’s renting space, purchasing goods, borrowing money or contracting services, welcome to the new model of 21st-century commerce.

Market Size:
  • Total number of small/micro businesses in the US: 21.5 million.
  • On an average every business spends at least a few hundred dollars every month just to maintain their idle resources.
  • Annually, businesses in the United States alone spend more than $30 billion just maintaining their idle resources.
  • Globally, all businesses combined together spend more than one trillion dollars annually to maintain their idle resources.

Awards and Mentions
Business model

Bilneur's Business Model includes seven critical components:

Target Customers:

  • Businesses looking to monetize their idle resources, staff, and inventory.
  • The Consumer/Buyer – the individual or small business who will pay to use those idle resources, staff, and inventory.

Finding Customers:

Bilneur CEO Rohit Balaji is utilizing his broad personal and professional network, which includes more than 3,000 businesses, and offering incentives to become early adopters of BilNeur's business model. BilNeur intends to:

  • Approach each business personally to provide their services, products and resources through BilNeur.
  • Enhance the appeal of signing with BilNeur during these initial approaches by keeping the cost of acquisition per customer low.
  • Reach out to the buyer who could benefit from BilNeur’s services with advertising and a strong public relations campaign that includes social networking, our company blog, and a series of press releases.

Product Differentiation:

With BilNeur, everyone benefits. Everyone.

  • Businesses benefit by earning needed capital on their existing, underused resources. Critical staff needed to keep in-house operations running smoothly can be maintained.
  • Employees benefit from additional work brought in, which will help them avoid time/wage cuts and layoffs.
  • Buyers benefit from the opportunity to choose from an array of businesses with resources they need to lease on a temporary or one-time basis.

The freelance photographer looking for a studio to rent for one day will be able to find it quickly and easily through BilNeur. The local bakery owner with a color brochure that needs printing in volume will be able to team up with a local business that can provide the copier and staff to get the job done.

Pricing Based Model:

  • Businesses (sellers/providers) will pay a 10-percent fee to BilNeur.
  • Businesses (sellers/providers) selling inventory or products through Bilneur will pay a six-percent transaction fee.
  • Fees charged will cover any liabilities incurred by the business, up to $1,000.

Innovative Marketing:

A solid marketing plan would require a large capital expenditure.  BilNeur plans to:

  • Hire professional video/photographers to film and photograph businesses all across the U.S. at no charge to them. (While it might appear to be an additional initial cost to BilNeur, we believe it would create an incentive for businesses to use our service.)
  • Place emphasis on door-to-door marketing to provide businesses with that added “local touch,” and encourage them to sign up.
  • Utilize online campaigns to include PPC and other forms of advertising, social networking, our SEO enhanced blog and a series of SEO enhanced press releases.

Distribution Strategy:

BilNeur’s distribution strategy is simple: approach businesses with a unique solution to the financial problems they are facing, and help them earn capital on resources that they had always considered to be fixed costs.

  • Utilize a marketing campaign that will include incentives.
  • Offer lower prices than those available from traditional vendors like staffing services, commercial printers such as Kinko’s, and truck rental dealers like U-Haul.

Customer Support and Service:

Twenty-four hour customer service will be the backbone of Bilneur. We will:

  • Provide buyers with firm guarantees.
  • Make customers feel welcomed.
  • Create a strong appreciation factor that will translate into positive customer testimonials for BilNeur and the business, as well as excellent word-of-mouth referrals.

Customer Satisfaction:

Transforming target customers into loyal customers is our highest priority. At BilNeur, we believe in spending more to provide solid customer satisfaction. With exceptional service comes positive customer feedback, and more business.

As part of our customer satisfaction standard, BilNeur offers buyers an unconditional full money-back guarantee, and an apology to go with it when things don’t go as planned.  

Bilneur is built on a strong business model and high ethical values.

Competitive advantage
Competitive Advantages:

BilNeur is the first to transform the fast-growing collaborative consumption business model
into a company designed to benefit businesses and create job growth. Our diverse and
exceptionally talented team of tech pioneers have extensive combined backgrounds in business,
sales, e-commerce and management.’s strong network with businesses and professional organizations throughout the
U.S. and worldwide give us leverage to influence their use of our company’s offerings in its
early stages, which will leave potential competitors scrambling to catch up. This should lower
the cost of acquiring new customers for BilNeur’s sell-rent-share platform, exclusively for