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You have lots of choices for cell phone plans. In fact, when you consider all the different alternatives for anytime minutes, weekend minutes, text messaging add-ons, data plans, additional lines, etc., it turns out that you have literally millions of options that can change on a weekly basis. So what are the odds that you're signed up for the cheapest cell phone plan and add-ons for your personal calling pattern?

Pretty darned close to zero.

It's hard enough to understand how all the different plans work, let alone to figure out which one of the millions of combinations will cost you the least. Not surprisingly, we find that people typically over-pay the cell phone companies by at least $100 a year. It's no wonder, considering how many factors you have to think about to make the right choice:

* Which networks are your friends and family using?
* Which carrier will provide the best cell phone call quality for your home, work and commute?
* Which plan has the right number of anytime minutes?
* Which plans work with the cell phone you would like to use?

At BillShrink, our vision is to save you time and money through highly-personalized analysis of your particular United Statesge. Not only will Billshrink find the best cell phone plan for you today, but we can automatically repeat the analysis for you on a regular basis to keep you optimized as your usage changes, new cell phone plans come to market, etc. And soon we'll offer this same free, personalized service for other complicated product categories as well.

To make all this work easily and intuitively for you, it has taken a lot of technology, information, and hard work on our end. Our computer algorithms, created by experts in the cell phone industry, scan all the new service plans and options, constantly re-calculating your personal cell phone bill against the millions of possible cell phone plan combinations. Simply put, we've gone to all the trouble so you don't have to.
Our science. Your savings.

How We Make Money
BillShrink does not take advertising, and we do not sell anything. That allows us to present unbiased, comprehensive information so you can see for yourself which cell phone plans are best for you and why. We will even give you multiple options for where you can sign up for your service, so you are in full control. We get paid by our retailer partners if you decide to sign up for new service.