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Company description

Every business has the problem we solve.


How so? Well, doing business, at its core, is just buying and selling and with every purchasing transaction an invoice is generated. In fact, 24 billion Business-to-Business invoices are sent every year in the US. Over 80% are paper invoices. Those paper invoices drive huge inefficiencies and costs; 40B pieces of paper, $8.2B of postage and 1.2B hours of data entry alone.  billFLO digitally bridges companies of all sizes to eliminate invoice costs.  billFLO creates a computer readable invoice that vendors can simply email to buyers.  With a single click, the buyer imports the invoice into their accounting system, eliminating all the manual handling and data entry. 

billFLO is unique because no IT support or computer skills are required to deploy and use it, opening electronic invoicing to all 25 million US Companies.  Our goal is for billFLO to be used universally, by all businesses, to eliminate paper invoices.

Launched just twelve months ago, over 4,500 businesses have used billFLO.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage comes from the philosophy behind what billFLO electronic invoicing is and does:

- billFLO is easily deployed by companies of any size

- billFLO works equally well for buyer and seller, and delivers value to both sides

- billFLO is price appropriate, regardless of the size of business