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The Gi Bike is the first full-size, electric, folding bike specially built for daily commuters. Designed for young professionals living in metropolitan areas, it only takes one second and one motion to fold and is easy to carry, like a wheeled-luggage.

The electric assistance allows you to ride for up to 40 miles, with five levels of assistance and a smart mode that analyzes your use and adjusts accordingly. It is the safest option in the street with integrated frontal wheel smart LED lights that turn on at night, gaining visibility during darker hours and alerting drivers. Its integrated anti-theft locking system locks automatically once you walk 10 feet away from your Gi. The same system allows you to add users and share your bike with friends and family. The smartphone integration comes with GPS, social media, an integrated USB port and a full control of Gi’s features.

After two years of work, we have a fully built and tested prototype with all the drawing, blueprints, specs and quotes to go into mass production. The prototype was validated through a Kickstarter campaign, where we raised +$116,000 from over 180 backers from around the world.  The GiBike received incredible feedback from over 200 recognized media publishers including CNN, Univision, New York Energy Week, Techcrunch, FastCompany among others as well as positive feedback from industry experts and designers.


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