Location: Denver, Colorado, United States United States
Founded in: 2004
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 1-5
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Real Estate Knowledge, Networking, Dealmaking, Marketing, Transactions
Denver, Colorado, United States United States is a network for real estate investors, professionals, and consumers, focused on assisting in the areas of networking, education, deal making, marketing, and transactional activities.

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Company description

The goal of BiggerPockets is to help simplify the lives of both novice and professional real estate investors and related professionals by offering valuable tools and services in a one-stop destination.   

Through its social network, BiggerPockets has created a space where investors can network, ask and answer questions, make deals and do business with one another.  Our blog network, official Blog, and articles directory bring even more learning into the mix, and our directory of resources give our users an organized place to find all the links and outside sites they may need.

Other valuable assets include our properties directory, mortgage center, tools, events system, free FilePlace, and more.

With close to 350 million monthly unique visitors, over 93,000+ members, and millions of visitors over the years, BiggerPockets has become the go-to destination for  investors seeking a credible place to grow and enhance their businesses.

The press has taken notice and BiggerPockets has been cited by such media as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Kiplingers, US News & World Report, CBS4 Denver, KNX Radio (CBS), AOL Real Estate, MSN Real Estate, and many others.

  • Joshua Dorkin
    Joshua Dorkin | Team member
    I founded because I felt that there weren't any sites in the real estate investing niche that I believe were credible at the time.  All were focused on upselling courses and bootcamps instead of focusing on educating the inv...
Business model

BiggerPockets is monetized via on site and newsletter advertising, through partnerships, via freemium memberships, and through paid tools.

Competitive advantage

By focusing on building a quality service and crowdsourced knowledge sharing instead of upselling our users on guru courses, bootcamps, and other overpriced materials, BiggerPockets has become the most credible site in the investing space.  This credibility, along with our team's strengths in building a top quality product, make BiggerPockets stand out amongst the competition.

Other important advantages include:

  • Size - We're the leader in the real estate investing space
  • Activity - The amount of activity on BiggerPockets is second to none in the real estate investing space
  • Loyalty and quality of members who are vested in the success of the site and its community.
  • Passionate team who interact in the community, are vested in the space, and who take feedback and suggestions for improving the platform in an effort to best serve our users.
  • Proprietary platform - BiggerPockets can't be duplicated without a vast expense to competitiors.