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Company description
BidModo is a local small business marketplace that allows small business owners to receive free bids for their core business services from rated local providers in over 100 categories from accounting to web design.
Business model
BidModo makes money by selling real-time job requests to vendors.  Each job request that is created instantly goes out to our network of vendors who can preview them and then purchase them individually or in bulk.
Competitive advantage

BidModo is a free service for small business owners.  Not only do they receive competitive bids from local service providers, but each bid comes with an in-depth company profile with ratings and references from other small business owners.


Bidmodo allows our vendors to browse all of the job requests for free, buying only the ones they want.  Their free account also comes with a built in ROI manager that tracks their profit and conversions over time.


The emphasis on local gives BidModo a distinct advantage over our competitors and also makes it easier and more cost effective to reach individual markets.