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Hire the Best Corporate Trainer or Coach for Your Business
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Corporate Training: Marketplace with a selection of high quality training providers in the city

Bid4Skill, an online platform, is the first of its kind to connect companies with training providers that can best suit their corporate training needs.


Rather than having corporate companies be the one to always reach out to training or coaching providers, Bid4skill's online platform now serves to bring training and coaching experts to buyers with just a single learning needs post. In addition, companies or clients can post anonymously which helps bring in competitive market pricing from selected, best fitted training or coaching experts in the city.


As the training industry become increasingly saturated right now with government initiatives promoting lifelong learning (through SkillsFuture credits), it has become increasingly hard for companies to cut through the noise and acquire the right training provider. The online resources providing an infinite amount of information dont seem to be helping either. 


Previously, there have been websites or online communities that collate information of training courses and providers. Such platforms have served as informative resources to help companies make better informed decisions of the quality of the training with ratings and feedback system. However, sieving through tons of training courses and providers on these platforms is still extremely time consuming. Buyers often waste large amount of time and resources repetitively negotiating training prices with different vendors, restating their needs, discussing the possibility for customised training and negotiating training duration. 


Bid4skill has now designed a platform, that has greatly reduced time and resources needed for both customer and vendor acquisition in the training and development market.


Currently present in 9 major cities, Bid4skill has worked with clients across various fields such as FinTech, Software, Design, Communications, Media & Entertainment, VC, Law, Manufacturing, Recruitment and, Consultancy. Clients are either corporate organisations or are individual professionals seeking corporate training or coaching services.


The process of hiring a service provider using Bid4skill is extremely simple, effective and convenient. 

“The platform was very easy and great to use! It is something different from what us L&D professionals are used to, but we need to adapt to stay competitive.


“Would definitely use Bid4skill again in future to hire any training providers as they stick by their deadlines well and frees up our time to deal with other issues.”


The Bid4skill process


When using Bid4skill, clients come on board detailing their training or coaching needs in their posts by filling up the various fields. From there, Bid4skill carefully analyses clients’ needs and reaches out to service providers of matching requirements for offer invitation. Clients will receive offers from a minimum of 3 best suited training experts. Service providers in the network have been thoroughly vetted and are closely associated with Bid4skill to guarantee consistent standards and high quality.

Service providers can first make initial recommendations on the training sessions in their offers, pitch themselves, as well as to provide competitive price quotations to clients. Clients can then review the offers and profiles of these service providers who have made them offers. The offers detail their accomplishments, past successes and previous clients’ recommendations.

As an online platform, Bid4skill essentially provides an online chat feature, as well as a comments wall, for clients and providers to interact. Both parties can take their discussions or negotiations offline as well to facilitate the highly customised and complicated nature of understanding training needs and solutions.

Clients can make use of the features to initiate first contact with any providers of interest to discuss, before choosing the one that will be best suited for them. Upon confirmation on their choice of service provider and the pricing, clients accept the offer online and Bid4skill will proceed to charge a simple 10% client introduction fee on the providers’ end. Payment within client and service provider is handled separately and between the 2 parties.

Bid4skill platform usage is free for all and there are no membership or subscription fees involved for all users. As an online market platform that helps connect, training experts and companies still hold entirety of their training materials and will operate independently.

Bid4skill serves primarily to provide a simple and extremely effective solution to the tedious process of both customer and vendor acquisition. Clients thus far, has shown that Bid4skill’s service is of extreme value and importance to the training market. As Bid4skill develops and expands, the team is looking to serve and meet greater demands, providing the much needed solutions of the corporate training industry.

More on how Bid4skill works can be found on the following web page:

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