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BeyondTag Inc
Designer brands at your price!
Chicago, Illinois, United States United States
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Company description

Discover Smart Shopping with BeyondTag. A shopping platform that beats all online prices by empowering customers to shop designer brands at the price they wish and instantly confirms if they got the deal. 

Your style, your choice and now your price!

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Today's there is no platform where you can shop at the price you want to pay. BeyondTag is like coupons on autopilot - no need to hunt for discounts, but you still get to enjoy your savings.

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BeyondTag's patent pending technology helps Brands & Merchants increase their sales by optimizing their pricing for each customer. Using BeyondTag, brands can sell to even their most price conscious customers without listing their products on deep discount sites. Brands & merchants can learn the true demand for their products & identify their best customers on BeyondTag. 

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The demand intent and willingness to pay data of each customer can be used in pricing and machine learning based targeting strategy for retailers and digital marketers.









Awards and Mentions
  • 20113_4422
    Startup Grind Chicago Launch Champion, Summer 2017
    Based on Popular Vote from Audience - Winner of the THE inaugural Startup Grind Chicago Launch Party — Summer 2017, Launch Champion award from among 14 Startups that pitched on Jul 20th.
  • Business model

    1. Upside (based on customer's wish price) on every sale on the platfrom

    2. Standard commission structure (~10%) on every sale from merchants/brands

    3. Price optimization & customer targeting services to Brands/merchants (& retailers).

    4. Monetization of customer intent data (price-sensitivity, brand affinity etc.) - Digital Marketers


    Competitive advantage

    1. First Mover - BeyondTag is the only company in the world that lets customer's Wish a Price on products & instantly confirms if they got the deal.

    2. First hand customer willingness to pay and demand intent data. BeyondTag can be the missing link (data on customer ‘willingness to pay’) in all the machine learning based individual customer level behavior prediction/personalization

    3. IP protection - Patent Pending in both US & India.