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Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.
First Response Matters.
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Company description

MISSION:        “Own the Prehospital Pipes.”  CTO Chris Witt lost his father and sister in a vehicle crash.  CEO Jonathon Feit’s father is a diabetic transplant patient who has suffered a stroke. Plus, time spent in the US Army drove home impact of lack of interoperability in prehospital care.



Phase 1          

• 49.2% of patient data are retained at each node of handoff in a prehospital context.

• $3 billion in annual economic loss due to uncompensated care are absorbed by EMS.

• America is facing addiction crisis but EMS lack technologies to track patients over time


SOLUTION -- Phase 1:   

The MEDIVIEW electronic patient care record platform is the only EMS charting software that transmits prehospital data from ambulance to ED, inreal time, in a hospital-consumable fashion. Additionally, MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital HIE can be layered on competitors’ record systems as “middleware,” facilitating interoperability. The BEACON “prehospital pipes” offer a conduit for sharing data among EMS / Fire / EDs.  Data sharing with receiving facilities in seconds—even prior to arrival at the ED.  Slashes charting time by up to 66%.  First EMS software to track patients over time for chronic and acute care (opioid addiction). 


TAM: Approx. $1B per year ARR


Phase 2          

• Despite self-driving, auto deaths are on the rise. Even with technologies like OnStar, EMS agencies arrive on-scene with little (if any) data about the people who are involved.  How many Responders needed? How many adults/kids hurt? Critical EMS-related health data?


SOLUTION - Phase 2:

HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence ( is a patent pending application that leveraging the BEACON Prehospital HIE’s “prehospital pipes” to connect vehicles that have been involved in a crash with EMS and Fire who are en route to the accident, for the first time providing details about the people who have likely been impacted. Relays data to the hospital in seconds. No other company in Fire/EMS or vehicular safety markets has comparable technology. Our strong and defensible IP is not focused on the vehicular side (i.e., OnStar cannot easily replicate). Rather, the entry barrier is on EMS side, specifically our unique ability to convert and move data around the prehospital (Fire/EMS) ecosystem.


TAM: Approx. $7B per year based on Fortune estimate of OnStar’s standalone value



Awards and Mentions
  • 27485_5074
    2nd Place -- IT & Communications Category
  • 27485_4044
    One of the most prestigious awards in the Fire & EMS industry
  • 27485_4043
    One of the most prestigious awards in the Fire & EMS industry
  • Business model

    Business Model / Margins:

    • 5 Full Time Employees.
    • Cash-Flow Breakeven: 2016.
    • 26 States, plus Canada and Australia, under coverage.
    • 50 Fire / EMS and associated billing agencies using our software across all service levels (since 2014).
    • 90+ emergency departments connected to our MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange since 2018.
    • CAC = $1000.
    • Min. LTV = $5000.
    • Avg. Rev = $15,000 /agency /year.
    • 90%+ YoY retention.


    • Customers:

    MEDIVIEW is deployed in / around major metro areas including San Francisco, Oakland, Houston, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, Hartford, Kansas City, Toronto and the federal DOJ.  We pursue beachheads to build local footprint then a “handle-and-blade” model to activate the influence of regional hospital and billing networks as we build our client base.  Our high-value BEACON “prehospital pipes” can be layered onto any electronic patient care record (ePCR) system, so we can even partner with competitors, increasing TAM while reducing CAC, thanks to no displacement effort.  This has led to regional influencers selling BEACON on our behalf as data sharing solution. Potential “white label” platform licensing revenue (Conduent estimate): $41M over 3 years



    • 2019 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership (category: EMS Comms Platform.
    • 2018 (2nd place) East Bay Innovation Awards – IT & Comms.
    • 2015 Journal of EMS “Hot Product.”
    • 2014 EMS World Innovation Award.
    Competitive advantage
    • Beyond Lucid Technologies was the first NEMSIS v3 compliant vendor—the only firm to achieve NEMSIS compliance for field charting in 2013—and we are certified as a state and local repository. When California became the first state to achieve NEMSIS compliance in 2013, ours was the only live data they used. 


    • We have since led the market in terms of telemedicine, integration with Fire RMS systems, interoperability with hospital-side data systems and health information exchanges, and patient tracking over time for both acute (e.g., overdose) and chronic care. MEDIVIEW is compliant with NEMSIS v3.0, v3.3.3, v3.3.4, v3.4.0, and we are part of the committee that is developing v3.5.
    • BLT is a lean, award-winning, health-and-safety technology firm whose investors include Carnegie Mellon and Dalmore Investments. We have been dubbed "Silicon Valley’s Emergency Medical Technology Experts," and received recognition from the Journal of EMS (JEMS) and EMS World Magazine, plus the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for the North American EMS Communications Platform, and 2nd place in the 2018 East Bay Innovation Awards (Comms and IT). 


    • BLT was been hired by Lockheed Martin to consult on the development of austere battlefield-oriented triage technologies, and by Telamon Corp. to develop CP/MIH interoperability and profitability models. BLT currently serves Fire & EMS agencies in 26 states and three countries, with over 80 hospitals on our Prehospital HIE network.  Our partner-clients comprise all service levels, including Fire, EMS (Basic and Advanced Life Support, Interfacility Transport), Critical Care (Air and Ground), hospital-based EMS, and Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health.  To date, we have routed eight other ePCRs via our “prehospital pipes” for hospital consumption. Jonathon is a columnist for JEMS.