Location: Dublin, Ireland Ireland
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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to allow friends and family to effortlessly keep up to date and stay in touch.
Dublin, Ireland Ireland
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Company description


Business Proposition

To design and develop a communications system which helps the elderly keep in touch and stay up to date with friends and family.


 Problem and Solution:

In the UK 1.4 Million older people feel socially isolated. The elderly generation of today (65+) are finding it increasingly hard to keep up to date and stay in contact with their children and grandchildren. The grandchildren use web based services to blog, and post updates and keep in contact. This type of communication is not used by the elderly. bettie is designed to solve this issue.




bettie™ is a new product that will make communicating between children, grandchildren and grandparents simple. The project is currently part of NovaUCD's CCDP. During the rest of 2009 Ben Arent and Zoran Škrba will be developing a commercial prototype and seeking funding for future development.



bettie™ is building upon Ben Arents degree project 'jive'. As a result of user centered design process Ben developed and patent a unique tangible interface. Since the development of jive Ben Arent has been working with Zoran Škrba to develop sustainable infrastructure to realize the jive concept. 

  • Ben Arent
    Ben Arent | Team member
    I'm an interaction designer currently working at TRIL.  On the side I'm working on a product to enable grandparents and grandchildren to easily connect. 
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