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BetterYou is an online marketplace where consumers can browse, buy and book high-quality fitness and beauty services for less.  


Hope Horner, Founder and CEO, graduated from Pepperdine University and has over 10 years of deep domain experience in the fitness industry, most recently at Equinox as the sales and marketing manager for four years.


Jackson Leung, Co Founder and CTO, graduated from UCLA and has over 6 years of professional coding experience on both front end and back end technologies.


Currently, consumers are spending over 78 billion dollars per year on personal training, massages, hair care and nail care and other personal services.  What you don’t know is that consumers are paying 80% of that to the overhead of a gym or spa.  If you buy a personal training session at Equinox for 100 dollars, the trainer only takes home 20 bucks.  Because of this, the exact same trainer also work independently.. but the consumer doesn’t know this!  There’s no central marketplace where these professionals can sell their services and there’s no central marketplace where consumers can connect to these 2.3 million professionals. 


This market is ready to be disrupted, revolutionized, taken over or whatever buzz word you want to use… it’s ready for a change.


BetterYou is that change.  We make it simple for consumers to browse, buy and book online.  They can search for these professionals by price, location and availability and then schedule their appointments in real time.  If you want a massage tonight, you can spend three minutes on our website and we’ll send someone to you within two hours.  The best part is that you can spend $50 on instead of $150 on the exact same masseuse that works at Burk Williams.


Instead of giving up 80% to a gym or a spa, BetterYou professionals are given a simple way to create online storefront in less than five minutes. They can manage their current clients and connect with new paying customers.


Since each of our professionals is eager to brand themselves with credibility we have found that each of them brings 8-10 of their own clients with them, ultimately creating a marketing army for BetterYou. We also acquire users through partnerships, referral incentive programs and through online marketing.


Since we’ve been in Beta, we have over 600 professionals on the site and over 11,000 consumers.  We’ve generated over $10,000 in sales for our professionals and this is on virtually no marketing budget. 


We make money by taking a percentage of every transaction fee that goes through our site and we also charge a monthly fee to our professionals looking for increased exposure.


We just released our latest product earlier this month.  In the next 30 days, we will acquire 1000 professionals and we’re on pace to do over 500 transaction. The following month, we expect to double that.  


Howard Marks
co-founder Activision, CEO Acclaim Games, Managing Partner of StartEngine.