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Company description

Betterfly is a new website that connects people who want to learn, look and feel better with the people – not companies – who can help.

Betterfly excludes companies from its search, instead focusing only on the people actually offering the services. Those people are teachers, coaches, tutors, stylists, trainers or anyone else who offers a service that helps others learn look or feel better. Betterfly calls these people on their site Betterists. There is no approval process or cost to become a Betterist or make a Betterist Page.

Each Betterist on Betterfly has a free page that is similar to a unique website but with relevant tools like an appointment scheduler and place to list service offerings.

Betterfly’s main goal is to help its users find the best Betterist for them. The company feels that excluding companies from the search gives it a competitive advantage by allowing its users to search with more specificity and allowing users to compare apples to apples, people to people.