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Startups from around the country come to Providence for Betaspring's intensive 12-week accelerator program. Our full-immersion program, which runs in both Spring and Fall, enables teams with a strong start on a high-growth venture to rapidly transform into fundable, scalable companies.

Throughout the program, startups develop and refine their product, launch it to their target customer groups, and test their delivery and business models. Through interactions with Betaspring Mentors and select audiences, each startup polishes their company pitch and demo to present to investors and potential partners.

By the conclusion of the program, companies are well-positioned to attract follow-on funding or have built a path to profitability wherein they can operate without additional investment. Betaspring teams present their company to investors during our Launch Week events. An active alumni and mentor network sustains and supports Betaspring startups after the program as they tackle the world. 

The main thing we give you is tons of mentorship: professional advice, focused expertise and valuable criticism. We have over 80 experienced entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and design gurus who are excited to share their knowledge and experiences with you, and ready to help you shape and scale your product and company.

We also provide you with a small amount of seed capital (up to $20,000) free legal counsel, incorporation filing, and other legal work necessary to make your startup investable at scale. Additionally, you have access to Betaspring HQ, a fully-equipped workspace for you and the other teams to get to work, for the 12 weeks of the program and 10 weeks beyond.