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We Make Health Insurance Payments Happen
Springfield, Illinois, United States United States
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Company description

Benefit Defender is a subscription HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform that allows consumers to obtain assistance for health insurance reimbursement issues. By using Benefit Defender, consumers are able to manage health insurance and health care documents of their entire household from anywhere. The Benefit Defender platform allows consumers to communicate with qualified medical and legal professionals who understand health insurance reimbursement. Consumers can track insurance receipts (EOBs), receive appointment reminders, and learn about their health insurance plans such as out-of-pocket amounts. Benefit Defender allows consumers to message health professionals day or night without leaving their home or business.



Business model

Three Ways Benefit Defender Makes Money:

1. Subscription:

Consumers enroll in a subscription plan. Based on the type of plan, the consumer receives services at a discounted rate or for free.  All plans receive services such as insurance receipt review, calendar reminders, medical document storage, HIPAA compliant message center, integrated invoicing system, etc.

 2. “On demand” model which includes fee-for-services:

Fee-for-services available through Benefit Defender include medical appeal services, ask a nurse, medical record review, prior authorization assistance, prescription appeals, etc.

 3. Broker fees from service providers:

The Benefit Defender telehealth system allows providers to educate, treat, triage and provide services to their clients. Benefit Defender charges a fee to the providers for the use of the Benefit Defender telehealth system.


Competitive advantage

A death of a love one was the main motivator in starting Benefit Defender. My father was denied healthcare treatment due to a clerical error in the insurance payment codes and he could not afford paying out of pocket for treatment. He fought a hard battle and his heart finally gave out on him and died very young. This problem happens to millions of consumers everyday and I vow for Benefit Defender to be a preemptive solution to denied health insurance payments and healthcare treatments.

 Knowledge of what providers needs to document in the telehealth system. Seamless integration for providers and their clients.

We took part in writing a proposed amendment to a state statute involving health care coverage.