Location: 7 Kozlova lane, Office 36, Minsk, Belarus, 220037, Minsk, Belarus Belarus
Founded in: 2004
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 50+
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Belitsoft PHP Development Company

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Minsk, Belarus Belarus
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Our developers build custom PHP software (mobile, web) for startups and large companies from the USA, UK, Europe, Israel, and other countries. We try our best to provide you with great PHP development services.

What technology should you use for your software development project? Take a closer look at the PHP web-scripting language for dynamic web applications. PHP runs millions and millions of sites. Popular sites using PHP: Facebook, Wikipedia etc. There are tons of PHP web hosting companies so you can choose one easily. With new features and an extremely improved performance (twice as fast as before), PHP7 has proven itself to be one of the leading web technologies. Everything a developer needs to write safe code is available in PHP. It is easy to outsource development - there are many programmers around the world willing to code PHP inexpensively.

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