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Help Eddie choose his path as he walk the line of corporate America and BEING eddie BLACK
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Company description
An original internet webseries that is interactive/casual game that utilizes the "choose your own adventure" story-telling device.  Each person that visits the site/webseries, is staying engaged for an average of 4-6 minutes.  At over 100,000 visitors, is prime for sponsorship/advertising.
Business model

Due to BEING eddie BLACK using the internet as the primary means of distribution, a detailed marketing strategy has been developed to generate the most traffic and audience possible.  This is IMPERATIVE since hits and traffic will dictate the intrinsic value of the site.

Stand-Alone Webpage  (; PRESENTLY in BETA STAGE)
•    Elements/Functionality of Specialized BEING eddie BLACK Webpage
o    Legitimacy
•    It would be remiss for us not to have a stand-alone webpage, especially when promoting a web-based show
•    The site will answer any questions and put a stop to any illegitimate queries that viewers might have
o    It will solidify BEING eddie BLACK’s presence as a valid addition to the webisode/television arena
o    Allows audiences world wide to access show information
o    Will provide us with a vanguard to integrate the promotion of the BEING eddie BLACK show with anything else we want to advertise (i.e. ringtones, wallpaper, other projects.)
•    Most significant representation of BEING eddie BLACK and its constituents
•    Cast and Character Profiles
•    Photo Galleries
•    Show Overviews and Premise
•    Distributes latest episode
•    New Episode every two weeks
•    Allows new users to see archived episodes
•    Allows viewers to choose the path of the main character Eddie through voting (only for new episodes)
o    SHOP
•    Allows for purchase of ringtones and other branding products.
o    COMMUNITY (Launching March ’08)
•    Message Board - Creates a community following which will grow in perpetuity
•    Ask Big Mark/Ask Peter Rosenbaum advice column- similar to a chat, this section allows for viewers to communicate via email with characters and get feedback via video messaging.
•    Clips and other bonus footage from episode.
o    Regular Site Updates – sent via email to visitors and people who have chosen Eddie’s path.
Identifying overall BEING eddie BLACK Target Demographic
•    Because BEING eddie BLACK is predicated upon real life institutions, the show will appeal to a vast, multi-cultural demographic
•    Whereas a show of this nature under the usual gamut of television media would be condensed to a demographic viewing audience of a centralized type and caste of individual, our perpetuation of the show through the viral arena will appropriate a significantly larger appeal:
o    Predominant Audience Demographic
•    African-American and Caucasian
•    Ages: 18-40
•    Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, and Upper Middle Class
•    Male, Female, College, and Career Oriented Individuals
•    Subsidiary Audience Demographic
•    Multi-Cultural/Digital
•    Every where there is access to the web, there will be access to BEING eddie BLACK
•    Audience world-wide
•    Ages: 18-30
•    Mostly Male (with faction being Female, College, and Career Oriented)

Myspace Presence
•    Marketing Stratagem
o    Opening Trailer/Promotions
•    Functions primarily as a BEING eddie BLACK “sneak peek”
•    Establishes viewer intrigue/curiosity
•    Generates a sense of anticipation
•    Subtly implants a consciousness of the show and its ability to entertain/captivate audiences
o    Submits the concept of BEING eddie BLACK into a self-sustained marketing medium (Myspace)
o    Intrinsically asserts viewer/user accessibility
o    Ultimately this will set up an audience base before the show actually airs
o    Allows us to delineate BEING eddie BLACK’s themes, concepts, etc. without revealing the show’s plot or originality in its entirety
o    We control what the viewers will see
o    Provides audience with written descriptions of characters, themes, genre of show, etc.
o    Complements the stand alone website page
o    Furthers legitimacy and appeal of show
o    Giveaways
•    Provides audiences with incentive to further their interests in the show
•    By giving away an X-Box 360, Playstation 3, or $500, viewers will be enticed to continuously visit our page
o    Myspace Target Demographic
•    Multicultural
•    Ages: 18-30
•    Male, Female, College, and Career Oriented Individuals
YouTube Presence (Functions Similar to Myspace Appeal)

•    Allows us to display actual trailers, shorts, etc. of BEING eddie BLACK by employing the world’s leader in online videos
•    Assists in creating a viral “buzz” for the show
•    Through YouTube’s interactive user dynamic (ranking systems, comment walls, viewing logs, “favorite” option, etc.) we will be able to get a feel for the popularity of the show
•    This will allow us to formulate a projection of the success of the show
•    We will also have the option of communicating with viewers to gain insight on their perceived likes/dislikes of the show
Other Online Social Utilities
•    By utilizing such web venues as Myspace, YouTube, and the ones listed below, we will be able to optimize online visibility and subsequently saturate the viral market
•    BEING eddie BLACK will become a commonly viewed/talked about show in the internet community
•    Concrete Loop
o    While being viewed by 80,000 users a day, Concrete Loop is quickly becoming one of the most utilized, “Black” blogs on the net
o    Directed at quickly establishing a rapport with Black audiences
•    Daily Motion
o    Operating as a mixture of Myspace and YouTube, Daily Motion provides yet another social utility to help maximize show advertisement/visibility
•    Facebook
o    Secondary only to Myspace, Facebook will allow us to appeal to a multicultural, teenage/young adult audience
•    Blogging
o    Attacking popular forums and chats with links to the site banner ads, etc.
•    Internet Business Development
o    Strategically purchase real estate on websites with high traffic to achieve high visitors.
BEING eddie BLACK Guerilla Marketing Campaign
•    Functions as a ploy to aggressively, yet effectively promote BEING eddie BLACK to target audiences
•    This will allow the concept/appeal of BEING eddie BLACK to become more than just a web-based product
•    The campaign will allow the show to supercede the limitations of the internet, and immerse itself directly into “real” life
•    Campaign will begin 3 weeks prior to launch of show
•    The BEING eddie BLACK Street team will flood targeted Metropolitan Areas, such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami
•    Eventually, BEING eddie BLACK will evolve into a household name, and through such deployments as our Guerilla Marketing Campaigns, people all over will resonate with the fundamental premise of the show


The marketing plan is the most essential piece in utilizing the advertising, commerce and community focused business model manipulated by BEING eddie
•    Commerce model: sales and profits
o    The simplest website business model is based on making sales and profits. A classic commerce website like or sells products, takes orders, charges credit cards, and ships goods. Software and some information sites have the advantage of being able to deliver what they sell online, at the time of the transaction.
o    These sites normally offer their target customers the benefit of ease of use and selection., for example, set the standard for commerce sites by offering a huge selection and a wealth of additional information on the products it sells.
•    Content model: based on advertising
o    The content sites work economically like mainstream network television in the United States, free content to users paid for by advertisements that users put up with. This is also a lot like the classic newspaper and magazine business, content paid for mainly by advertisers, with the exception that most magazines and newspapers sell for a small price while getting most of their revenue from advertisers. The “business model” isn’t really new, just the fact that it is offered over the Internet.
o    Consider Yahoo! and competing Internet portals, newspaper and magazine sites, entertainment sites, and other types of sites that are free to browsers and make money by charging advertisers or sponsors for banner advertising and sponsorships. These are content sites that depend on Internet advertising for their revenue.
•    Fan model: community site
o    Consider the business value of the bulletin board in a local supermarket. The market doesn’t charge for posting notices on the board, nobody pays to read them, but the business takes the trouble to manage the board. The underlying business benefit, we guess, is that the sense of community builds traffic and loyalty.
o    This value is similar in the Internet community site. A typical community site offers email, bulletin boards and forums, a common focus for some group that has a common interest. Community sites are often started by groups, clubs, and government organizations. Some of the best of them, however, are sponsored by businesses that want to take advantage of the common interest. For example, a rock climbing community site might be sponsored by a local store.


BEING eddie is more of a hybrid of all of the above business models.  With the sales of ringtones, BEING eddie BLACK season DVDs (one internet season of 12 episodes = one feature length DVD), and t-shirts (commerce), sales of advertising and sponsorship (advertising), and the forums and message board (community), the revenue generation potential is astronomical.  


➢    By the close of third quarter’08,, will obtain advertising, sponsorship, and e-commerce which will cover episodic expenses.
➢    By beginning of first quarter ’09,, will have revenues of $100,000 per month, covering costs and allowing for profit sharing distributions
➢    By middle of third quarter ’09, will obtain buyout interest from major television networks and media conglomerates.


A comedy series on the internet has the same chance of survival as trying to go through the sale/development process of a network show.   This is not the only rationale for its exploitation for the production:

o    Creative Freedom
o    Profit maintenance and scrutiny
o    Immediate international fan-base potential
o    Less regulation
o    Fan Interactivity
o    Low overhead

Marketing, as earlier stated, is the key to being a success in cyberspace.  Within the last year, more than twenty internet creative endeavors were acquired for seven figure sums from major media conglomerates; Newscorp, NBC, Disney, Time-Warner.  There is no reason that BEING eddie should not be another.


Even though the brunt of the marketing plan hasn’t fully started, steps have been taken to catalyze the monetization of BEING eddie BLACK:

Tastemaker email blast (500,000 recipients)

As stated earlier the target demo is 18-40 men and women.  Malbon Brothers Farms is a well-known advertising company that focuses on targeting the lifestyle trendsetters of that demo.  Since their inception in the last 1990s, they’ve developed a reputation of using guerilla and viral marketing tactics that catch the eyes of our target demo.

The money comes into play with the number of eyes and click-throughs.  An email blast to 500,000 people equates to this:

500,000 email address x  30% of recipients open the email x 3% of email blast openers click link = 4500 eyes.

The email blast will conservatively attract 4500 eyes per blast.  The blast will occur twice a week.  From those 4500 viewers, 10% of those watch the show and leave their contact information (name and email) and 2% of those purchase ringtones.  

So the email blast in concert with other methods of advertising will undoubtedly increase viewership and enhance our attractiveness to advertisers. Internet ad buys make up 20 percent of total ad spending in some companies.  Below are the places on a BEING eddie BLACK that are available for ad space (black rectangles)

The advertising will be monetized either through sponsorship (which can range from $3000-$150,000 per month) or banner ad click rate (most ads go for $.30 cent per click through).  


220 million ringtones were sold in 2007.  BEING eddie BLACK is selling ringtones of the sound bites of dialogue, BEING eddie BLACK theme and soundtrack songs. As stated above, 2% of the website visitors buy ringtones.  With increased popularity will come increased ringtone sales.

Acknowledging the monetization methods above are strictly dependant on website traffic, two other methods are applicable to the BEING eddie BLACK endeavor:

Season DVDs

The story arc will be structured in such a way that at the end of the 12 episodes, it will make up two-hours of television.  This is a feature length DVD that can be sold.   An addendum to this proposal includes a letter of commitment from Universal Video Distribution to distribute the BEING eddie BLACK season one DVD upon it’s conclusion.

Off-line Network Buyout

Network television scours the internet for programming.  It is HIGHLY likely that upon major BEING eddie BLACK fanfare, a network will give an offer to purchase the on-line content for off-line distribution.  In recent news, Quarterlife, an online series and social network, was sold to NBC for 500k/episode.    BEING eddie BLACK has the potential to join Quarterlife in television network distribution.

Competitive advantage

1. High production value

2. Interactivity

3. Sticky

4. Unique perspective, edgy-writing.

5. Clearly defined and un-exploited niche.