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Company description

BeeTV helps consumers find TV shows and movies that they want to see, when the want to see them and on their platform of choice.  Each month, BeeTV indexes over 10 million TV shows, movies, and original web series that are available on broadcast TV, cable, satellite, the web and mobile devices and then builds a DNA profile of each TV show and movie offering.  Then, based on consumers’ individual tastes and preferences, BeeTV helps consumers cut through all these options, and delivers to consumers a highly personalized smart navigation guide that includes TV and movie recommendations, customizable listings and trending shows. 

BeeTV is based on the BeeTV recommendation engine and marketing platform that includes a variety of patent pending technology including the Cold Start (generates good recommendations based on very limited user data), Collaborative Filtering, Algorithms including semantic, contextual, attributes, CoVisitiation, social recommendation, and best-time-to-air, a Business Rules Engine, user action analytics and a fully automated BeeCloud and Content Management Application.

BeeTV.  Personalized TV.  Anywere. Anytime.

Business model

BeeTV's busines model includes both B2C and B2B sources:

1.  Consumer Offerings

     a. Advertising (video and display) on web and mobile platforms

     b. Revenue share on content downloads

     c. Content Promotions / Marketing Promotions

     d. Affiliate / referral fees

2. Licensing and subscirber fees for white label and co-branded BeeTV recommendation implementations