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Company description

Understanding and monetizing consumer  preferences is  the quest for the holy grail in the mobile device world.   BeeBell’s unique mobile application achieves this by providing  the right information to users at the right time within whatever ecosystem  they use to manage their social lives -Twitter, Facebook, Gmail.  It is an intelligent personal concierge that empowers social life. In a nutshell, it takes a user’s changing location, maps it to his interests and the activities reflecting those interest near the user’s current location at any time, and  then, when asked by the user “What can I do near here of interest to me?”  it  pushes a choice of activities preconfigured for the user’s tastes within the user’s time window. It combines such choices with the user’s social circle so the user can see and select which of his friends is nearby and automates the process inviting those  friends with similar interests to join.  This “Evite On the Go” uses the  BeeBell user’s current location to organize and drive the social activity. BeeBell is constantly scouring the web based on the user’s changing location and interest to prioritize and distribute information to the end-user  “when” and “if” it has value.

BeeBell’s  underlying technology uses  machine learning and automatic classification techniques to understand and classify user behavior patterns using time and location.  BeeBell dynamically determines the most  likely  user preferences at any time for any location,  intelligently selects and automates for the user a hierarchy of proximate events, activities, and places, and  combines those with the preferences of other friends whom the user may wish to invite.  This is a significant competitive advantage. Mapping interests  dynamically ensures the information is timely whereas all other solutions map interests in a static context and do not account for  the time  axis. A

This service scales over a robust and tested service-based state-of-the-art architecture and it is run in the Amazon cloud. The user interface reflects the DNA of BeeBell’s founder: “The Italian Style: simple and elegant at the same time”. 







Business model

We are a "NO ADVERTISING" platform.

Our business model has three components:

1. Referral fees. If a user makes reservation to a resturant or buy a ticket for an event through us BeeBell collects affiliation fees;

2. Auctioning events. Events of interest for the users may be auction - in a similar type of Google model -

3. Infonomics: users may pay for advices to "qualified experts"

Competitive advantage

In a nutshell: BeeBell is the only recommendation engin that is multi-dimensional. It know this that you like to do at a give place and a give time and also understand the "hat" that you are wearing in that moment.


Yelp is 0-dimensional

Sosh and Yonder are 1-dimensional 

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Jerry Petruzzelli - Unconfirmed
Cosimo Spera
Cosimo Spera - Unconfirmed
Cosimo Spera is a serial entrepreneur. He started his carrier as an academic. He has UC Berkeley were he was Fulbright Chair Professor at the IEOR Dept. He founded Saltare, Adattare, Zipidy. Later he joined Decision View as head of Advanced Math.