Harnessing Data, AI and Technology
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Harnessing Data, AI and Technology

BeCareLink is a digital technology company that harnesses unique data solutions, AI and technology platforms to supplement, augment and replace traditional clinical therapy.

Our Mission

To transform the Treatment of Chronic Disease Through Science, Digital Engagement, and Proven Outcomes.

Our Vision

The foundation of BeCare Link is to fundamentally change the way we understand and manage disease, remove biases, and find new treatments with better outcomes.

Awards and Mentions
  • 37520_5010
    The EDSS rating (from 0-10, in 0.5 increments) is issues by a neurologist based on tests relating to eight functional systems: pyramidal (weakness or difficulty moving limbs), cerebellar (ataxia, loss of coordination or tremor), brainstem (problems with speech, swallowing, and nystagmus), sensory (numbness or loss of sensation), bowel and bladder function, visual function, cerebral function, and ‘other’. What does this have to do with an app? Well, BeCareLink – a company that utilizes data solutions and artificial intelligence to help manage disease treatment – believes its app can help provide a greater level of detail to clinicians treating people with MS.
  • 37520_5009
    BeCareLink was one of three companies to watch from the Health 2.0 Launch event -
  • 37520_5008
    BeCareLink won Second Place in the Pitch Contest
  • Business model

    - Establish Fee For Value Contracts with Payor Market - Government, Commercial, Self Funded, Workers Compensation
    - Quality of Life and Phase 4 Trials Companion Device with Pharmas
    - Providers who will be able to "prescribe" our app to their patients
    - Direct to Consumer (Patients)

    Competitive advantage

    While there are other MS Apps, no other organization has replicated the "Gold Standard testing methodology" completely.
    Other companies have replicated specific tests in the Gold Stand but not the entire Gold Standard.