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Beatz Maker Evolution for the PC allows both new and advanced users to create music and looped samples for the PC.  It is a loop based music creation tool.   You can record and share your songs with your friends, online, make music slideshows or use in your games or websites.

It has many features and is constantly being improved and updated.  It is a budget program allowing anyone to easily make high quality dance, techno or hip-hop songs  at a fraction of the cost of all other music creation programs, some which may cost you as much as over £200.


- Set BPM from 80 to 300 allowing you to create any genre of music or sample.
- Use upto 16 tracks and 8 customized channels.
- 4+ different play modes e.g play page, loop page, play all, loop all, play current channel/track
-  Record your completed songs or samples to high quality wav audio.
- Set individual volumes, pan and effects per track.
- Advanced Sample Library to collate and manage all your samples .
- Create, Save And Load Projects with or without samples.
- Save sample sets so the same samples can be imported  into new songs.
- Beat Creator feature allows you to easily create uniform or random beats and effects such as fade in/out.
- Tempo Editor feature allows you to change pitch of sample and create tempo spreads.
- Easy to use interface, good technical support and free unlimited updates for life.
- More features to come very soon such as advanced effects which you get for free.

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