Add context to selected recipients of email.
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Company description

Subtextual is the anti-social media application, focusing in on the fact that certain information should remain private, especially in business organizations with individuals on a need to know basis.

Subtextual allows users to add context to selected recipients of an email so there is no more guessing what any particular person meant when they added you in Bcc. No plugins or downloads are needed for recipients to view Subtextual messages. In effect, we allow you to avoid ever sending another email “blindly” again. 

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Business model

Subtextual is an Outlook plugin, available as a free and premium version. Our pro version comes with additional features targeting business users that frequently send sensitive information by email.

New features released with Subtextual 1.0 include:

  • Support for sending and removing attachments to selected recipients only
  • Assigning follow up tasks privately to Subtextual recipients
  • Adding high/low priority indicators
  • Customization of the default message recipients see (e.g., organizations can now add their own privacy disclaimers, brand their messages, etc.)


Competitive advantage

There are a number of companies targeting email inbox clutter by helping clean up your inbox after the fact.

Subtextual allows users to send the right message to the person at the source by integrating a separate composition window allowing users to send a private `message within a message` to anyone in the To, Cc or Bcc fields.