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Company description

Founded in Dec. 2012 by Ifeanyi Ossai, BBC Aerospace is a general commercial corporation whose core competencies are in the Aerospace and Defense industries.


BBC Aerospace will help America lead the way in new commercial space missions, stimulate the economy, contribute to the nation's global competitiveness, and inspire America's next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts. This business plan provides an insight into BBC Aerospace go-getting program of commercial space exploration that builds on new, and improved technologies, with proven capabilities, as it expands humanity's reach into the solar system and beyond, while providing broadly-applicable benefits here on Earth.


This Plan also discusses our efforts to coordinate BBC’s overall technology portfolio, identifying development needs, ensuring synergy and reducing cost, while furthering the national commercial space exploration initiatives as outlined by President Obama's Office of Science and Technology Policy. By coordinating R&D programs, BBC will develop new technologies, as well as facilitating integration of available and new technology into operational systems that support human-exploration missions, space cargo transportation, civilian space tourism, science missions, and aeronautics. We seek to engage government agencies and the larger aerospace community to develop partnerships in areas of mutual interest that will lead to a new, cheap, and sustainable American commercial space exploration and transportation infrastructure.


 Our anticipated success in successful commercializing of space exploration and transportation, translates our air and space missions into societal benefits for people everywhere. Our success will inspire and help American entrepreneurs and innovators develop technological solutions that will stimulate the growth and diversification of the American economy by creating new products and services, new business, and high quality sustainable jobs for America. 


As a company, BBC’s corporate family culture continually, strives to always create a work place “Were Dreams Live”.


BCC Aerospace will always bring concepts to reality, through motivation and provision of a supporting family atmosphere to all employees. Together as a team, we are going do great things and lead the world in the most extraordinary technical and technological innovations of the 21st century.


Our Vision: To Provide our clients with uncompromising levels of excellence and integrity from planning to implementation of all tasks, products and services.


Our Mission: “Serving Humanity”.


Marketing Theme: Imagine the adventures we’ll have together….


Our Services:  

  1. Provision of space transportation and contracting services to governments, corporations, and private individuals.
  2. Provision of space exploration and tourism services to tourists, corporate and government entities.
  3. Space construction services to governments, corporations, and private individuals.
  4. Provision of near earth and deep space satellite placement services to governments, and corporations.
  5. Space mining and harvesting of space resources for sale and use on earth and space related constructions.


  1. Disposal of hazardous and harmful waste services for institutions, corporations and governments.

              Note: Harmful waste will be transported to and disposed of outside our solar system. 

  1. On BBC Space Station, we’ll Provide and render the following services:
    1.                                                             i.            Provide accommodation and entertainment services to space tourists / private individuals, government, and corporate clients.
    2.                                                           ii.            Provision of research, testing, development, and manufacturing spaces to   government and corporate clients.
    3.                                                         iii.            BBC Station will serve as commerce and exchange center for merchants, corporations, and governments.
    4.                                                         iv.            Home of BBC private space school.


  1. Miscellaneous / special requests from clients that are space based in nature.


Commitment to Mission Statement:


 BBC Aerospace is the parent sponsor of B2 Foundation (B2), which is a research & charity foundation built and designed around the idea that humanity is noble and free by nature. As leader of B2 Foundation, Ifeanyi Ossai and his supporters continue’ s to champion the cause for:  innovation, individuality, joy, community, education, imagination, private thought, due process, ownership, free will, and freedom for all of mankind. It’s his firm believe and that of his supporters & employees that bound by a love for innovation and technical advancements, we’ll do great things together.


BBC and the B2 foundation, together, are championing the cause for human advancement and innovation. 


With a core staff of veteran family oriented professionals and a team approach to all projects, BBC will always offer a more robust & balanced quality products, and services to its customers compared to any of its competitors, while ensuring that they are treated like “Family” and profit is made.




Business model


Competitive advantage

New and innovative technology to explore and exploit space for the benefits of humanity.