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Baseloop’s mission is to help friends get together more often.  Baseloop answers the question: “What’s going on?”

The idea for Baseloop came from our professional experience with Microsoft Outlook.  We noticed how quickly our Outlook calendars would fill up with meetings and deadlines – why couldn’t our social calendars fill up just as easily and quickly with fun things to do.

Baseloop is a platform for sharing all things event related: things I have planned, things I want to do, places I want to go.  Baseloop adds a new category to the online event space: “micro-events”.

In addition to events normally posted online, Baseloop encourages users to also share their mundane daily activities, like getting coffee, going to lunch or dinner, having drinks or watching a movie. By sharing these micro-events, friends now have access to events that were otherwise buried offline, unorganized or disaggregated. When friends share their daily activities, it creates serendipitous opportunities to get together more often.  For example, if you log-in to Baseloop one evening and see some friends are having dinner a couple blocks from your office, you just might join them, rather than eat alone.  Baseloop creates a hub for friends to share and find out “what’s going on”.

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