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Company description

BarterQuest solves the problems associated with barter to serve an existing multi-billion dollar market that is migrating to the Internet. BarterQuest supports the online trading of goods, services, and real estate (temporary use and permanent exchange). The site is initially targeting mothers, students, and travelers (and complementary services), focusing on the New York Metropolitan Area.

Business model

A fee for use business model, with micro-fees related to trading activity and the use of points, and/or membership fees for recurrent users. One user is projected to produce $20 per year ($100 over five years). Trading is currently free to encourage utilization.

Competitive advantage

BarterQuest is differentiated from other consumer trading sites by (1) its universality, supporting barter in all types of items, (2) its proprietary matching and trading engines, which are essential to the efficacy of any large scale trading site, and (3) its points system.