Barcode Media Group, Inc

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Barcode Media Group, Inc
The Go-To site for everything Bar Code.
Sarasota, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

Mission: To be the Go-To site for everything Bar Code related. Online information, news , resources for everything to do with the world of bar codes. Barcoding is a firmly entrenched middleware product that is part of the infrastructure of the entire world. Last year there were 100 million searches on the top 3 search engines for keywords including bar code, QR code, RFID. The site has grown to monthly traffic of 50,000 visitors in less than 2 years on a shoestring and crossed into the black earlier this year. Over 20 billion dollars are spent annually on bar code equipment, bar code services, bar code labels, tags, etc. Now that smart phones can read bar codes, thousands of new apps are emerging. Although its a 37 year old technology, Barcoding is getting a second wind. The company also operates - similar type website catering to the retail technology industry and has grown from 2,700 visitors a month to 20,000 a month in under two years.

Business model

Provide high quality content and resources in a specialized niche, make money from advertising and intermediation.

Competitive advantage

Unique domain names, first mover advantage, founder started in industry in 1985 and has excellent track record including 3 companies founded and sold to public companies over 30 years.