The most immersive Face AR technology for brands and developers.
Minsk, Belarus Belarus
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Banuba is a computer vision lab specialising in Face AR development. We create augmented reality SDKs which bring the most immersive face filters, 3D masks, facial animation and AR beauty features to any app or website. 

Our technologies fuel 2 main areas AR communication and AR commerce. We help people to self-express and communicate creatively, and we empower brands to bring products to their consumers using AR.


  • Face Filter SDK

  • Makeup SDK

  • Hair, eyes and skin recolouring

  • Background remover

  • Face morphing

  • Avatar and live emojis

  • AR video editing tools

  • Unity face filter plugins

Platforms: Android, iOS, HTML5 and Unity


  • 3D face tracking optimized for early iOS and Android devices.

  • Powerful rendering to run the most engaging and realistic face filters with animation, triggers, physics, occlusion and real-world lighting support. 

  • Effect Constructor and Viewer tools to quickly construct, test and preview effects.

  • Catalogue with 1,000 AR effects which developers can purchase or licence and use in their apps.


  • Virtual try-on apps allowing consumers to wear glasses, jewellery, hats, accessories, face wear via web and mobile.

  • Makeup simulators and hairstyle apps for beauty brands with ‘magic-mirror’ product representation in colours, shades and lighting.

  • Photo and video editors where users can edit and smarten their content by a tap.
  • Social apps where users can take professional photos, short videos, stories overlaying filters, animation and style transfer effects. 

  • Games with video chats for users could stream and play together. 

  • Video conferencing software allowing users to change backgrounds, apply to touch up and makeup filters.

  • Camera apps like dating, music and karaoke where users can see each other or themselves, entertain and have fun with AR.

  • Photo booths that engage audiences with interactive on-the-sport experiences.


  • Develop immersive cross-platform AR apps using lightweight and optimized SDKs and features for the camera.

  • Engage users with face-changing filters.

  • Reach younger audiences through real-time virtual try on and makeup simulators.

  • Enhance video calls with touch up filters and add privacy with virtual backgrounds. 

  • Inspire users to create and share content and grow organically overlaying AR on videos. 

  • Retain users with regularly updated AR content.