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Ball of Fire, Inc.
Discover, Shed, Create and Accelerate You to Riches!
Atlanta, Georgia, United States United States
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Company description

After 25 years of climbing and clawing my way through my corporate career, traveling the world, and living amongst the wannabes of Boca Raton, Florida and Buckhead, Georgia, I discovered that I no longer liked or respected the reflection in the mirror. I had taken on a persona of ‘bitch,’ expecting that would get me the corporate and personal success and prosperity I sought. I allowed my own negative belief systems and mindsets to secure that persona instead of leveraging my intelligence, skills and talents to empower me and move me forward. Then one day in 2007, in a few short seconds, I began to shed the cloak that consumed me, finding my real self, my bold and audacious self, and began to pursue my life dreams with confidence, fearlessness, and strength. Finally I found the true riches of life that no power, greed, or position could create.

Ball of Fire, Inc. was formed as a result of that discovery and shedding, and now we are dedicated and determined to educate, inform, and inspire women to shed whatever ‘bitch’ (bad relationships, divorce, disease, tragedy, death, and more) is consuming them, so they too can pursue and create the ‘riches’ the world has to offer them.  

                The problem today is:

ü  Women mask negative mindsets with personas of aggression and attitude

ü  Women repel vs. attract and engage others, preventing business and professional growth

ü  Women do not help other women

ü  Women and their businesses fail due to their weaknesses of mindset

ü  Women in transition from change lack the skills to take on new challenges and risks

ü  Bitches (or bitching) are portrayed as a badge of honor (and reality success) in the workplace, playground, and in relationships

ü  Negativity and aggressiveness trumps leadership, skills and talents, coaching, and support


Ball of Fire, Inc. founded in July 2010 and located in Atlanta Georgia, is bringing this education, inspiration and mentoring into the growing human potential personal and professional development industry (with growth rates of +11% per year) in order to align and integrate the mindset with one’s personal and professional skill set.  

Business model

With our unique and proprietary intellectual content, curriculum, trademarks, and methodologies, along with our own books, merchandise, events, and seminars, we will equip Professional and Non Working Women, as well as the Afflicted set, with a lifecycle approach to how they educate, enrich, and empower their own lives.  

 We are challenging the traditional way women are trained, educated and supported by prioritizing the need for a confident and empowered mindset and belief system FIRST then championing them to create, learn or leverage the skills and talents they possess.

Ball of Fire, Inc.’s unique and innovative mega brand trademark programs; Shedding the Bitch™, Creating the Rich…..™ and Business Rich Accelerator™ visibly change the way women share, interact, collaborate, engage and develop relationships. We will redefine how community and organization leaders are created and developed, and how movers and influencers are born. 

Competitive advantage

We have fresh, innovative and timely brands within the $24B Self Help and Personal Development industry with our Shedding the Bitch brand and portfolio of products, services and events.

At a time when individual stresses, anxieties, and yet hope is high, our brands provide both women and men the tools, resources, and support needed to turn that hope into riches.