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Axess Lab
Digital Accessibility - For everyone!
Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
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Company description

Many Accessibility! Such wow! Very products!

We do accessibility consulting and product development with focus on Universal Design and Accessibility.

Basically, if you need your IT-products to work for people with disabilities, call us.
If you want to build an accessible app or website, call us.

We are accessibility experts and tech nerds. We know how to make the internet work for the blind, how to make apps that the elderly unerstand, and how tech can aid people with autism on the bus. Yeah, you get the picture. We work with accessibility and tech.

Do you want to comply with new laws and regulations on accessibility, or do you want to build an app specifically targeting a group with disabilities? Doesn't matter, we can help with all of that!

Don't miss our latest release: "Dit-i-tid" (There-in-time) in video below, or visit

Based in Sweden

Consulting world wide




Business model

Most of our revenue comes from Consulting in accessibliity, expert reviews, design workshops, user testing, implementation in both frontend and backend.

Remaining revenues come from products, for example "Dit-i-tid" the accessible sms reminder service (  sold as monthly subscription.

Competitive advantage

The team holds some of Swedens most prominent accessibility experts, and we are well connected with the rest of the accessibility world. Great reputation from having built award-winning apps and services and driving change in the political and technical sphere.