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Route to the cheapest, closest, top rated food nearby Search by name / Compare according to price, distance & rating / Navigate to the foods nearby
Newark, Delaware, United States United States
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Are you looking for something to eat outside? Wouldn’t it be cool if you were able to compare dish prices and dish specific ratings of restaurants around you and determine the ideal food in terms of food price, food specific rating and distance?

Yelp, Zomato, Tripadvisor and other restaurant comparison apps only provide general restaurant ratings & reviews and do not enable restaurant food comparison and that’s why we developed AwayTake - the only restaurant food price, food specific rating and distance comparison & navigation app.

AwayTake lets you compare restaurant foods according to food price, food rating & distance and navigate to the selected food by car, on foot, by transit. AwayTake is your end-to-end solution partner for deciding the ideal food to eat out in terms of price, rating and distance.

Our food prices, food ratings, food availability and locations are always up-to-date. We do not provide expired menu photos like Yelp and Zomato does.

How does AwayTake work?

1. Text the name of the food that you desire to eat out(Hamburger, pizza, taco, burrito, sushi, lahmacun); share or specify your location and press ‘’Search Food’’ button.

2. Let’s assume that you are searching for ‘’Hamburger’’. AwayTake lists all hamburgers around you according to hamburger price, hamburger specific rating & distance so that you can decide the ideal hamburger in terms of price, food specific rating and distance. You can view all hamburgers with their prices and food item specific ratings on map.

3. Select the hamburger that you desire and navigate by car, transit or on foot. Navigation that runs inside AwayTake will take you to that hamburger without the need to open any other navigation app.

4. Arrive to your hamburger and enjoy eating the best rated hamburger that suits your budget and transportation type.

AwayTake helps you to find and navigate to the cheapest, closest and top rated restaurant food nearby in following countries & cities by allowing you to compare food items of 63.000 restaurants:
USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Top reasons to download AwayTake:

1. Compare restaurant food prices among 63.000 restaurants' menus in 15 countries and detect the best food around you in terms of price, food specific rating and distance.

2. Navigate to the ideal restaurant food that you have selected by car, on foot and transit via embedded navigation inside the app, without leaving the app.