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Company description

Aware Health is an evidence-based peer support platform for workplace wellbeing that is tailored to specific industry verticals. The solution has three unique components:

(1) Peer-to-Peer Support: Unlike other workplace mental health solutions, we incorporate peer-to-peer functionality that enables users to anonymously engage peers in similar job function and demographic groups.  In addition, bimonthly group interactions are provided. 

(2) Ongoing Assessment + Tailored Exercises: The app enables regular self-assessments and allows users to select self-improvement goals. Based on the chosen goal, users are guided by a virtual wellbeing assistant to evidence-based positive psychology exercises, the ultimate goal of which is enhanced community engagement.  

(3) Industry-Specific Solutions: Different industries have different cultures and nuances, which in turn demand different approaches to wellbeing.  We focus initially on the legal industry.  Lawyers are 3X more likely to suffer from depression.  Also, extensive customer discovery revealed that law firms struggle with utilization of mental health benefits and lawyers are eager for community support around wellbeing.  


Business model

We are an evidence-based peer support platform tailored to different industry verticals. Our product is introduced to the users by champions at their organization. We create wellbeing podcasts that will be delivered as a series to the users via an email, where they can download our app. We will charge a tiered per employee per month pricing to the firm. We will measure success by demonstrating successful adoption in the first 3 months.

Competitive advantage

Current proactive mental health solutions have little or no evidence-based peer support as an intervention. Some proactive solutions like 7 cups offer community support, however, none of the solutions personalize it to the end user’s needs. We are the first ones to build an evidence-based peer support platform tailored to different industry verticals.

Furthermore, our work is based on conducting extensive user research with over 200 people. 

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