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Company description

Avonsys is focused on providing specialist services necessary to ensure that today's businesses keep running. Our strengths lie in providing outsourcing solutions and services to the next generation of web-enabled businesses, and we understand what it takes to support critical ICT infrastructure to keep these businesses in business.

We have extensive expertise in open source, network systems, system integration (including open source and Microsoft products) and supporting 24x7 operations. Our software development team will ensure your applications function as they should, and that your development processes are on track. We employ industry best practices, including agile development methods, and pride ourselves in our ability to integrate seamlessly with our customer's team.

Our team of ICT professionals are customer-focused, have a strong computing background and are constantly exposed to the most advanced technologies and processes used by industry. Our internal training and briefing sessions ensure that we know what cutting edge technologies to work with, and how best to respond to and enhance our customers systems and processes.

Competitive advantage
  • We offer very competitive pricing plus you get the added advantage of having dedicated people working for you so you get the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Others may not be able to offer you this level of dedication
  • We manage the remote workforce workplan, our team integrates fully with your team at your location, ensuring that you are not talking with a service but with real people who will give you real responses
  • In today's environment, making things happen (and happen fast) is ultimately dependent on whom you know. Our core management team are well connected in the global Internet community, so we can offer you this real world advantage
  • Our people in Fiji speak English with no obvious ethnic accent. This makes life easier for you, as well as your customers (and you don't get those difficult questions like why are you outsourcing your business offshore)
  • We have great connectivity and very low downtime, providing you with consistent service quality
  • Fiji is on the Southern Cross Fibre Optic Cable which means we are directly connected to the West Coast of the USA. This means our network latency is much lower compared to other outsourcing destinations
  • We can keep a watch on your business services from the outside by simulating end user actions, so you have real feedback on how responsive your services are
  • We work with you to improve your internal systems so that your customers have an efficient and reliable service from you, and so you can deliver the best value
  • The time difference between the West Coast of the USA and us is only a couple of hours; this makes it much easier for you to engage with us in a timezone friendly manner
  • We are very well connected when it comes to getting to Fiji. There are daily direct flights to Fiji from LA, Sydney and Auckland, and multiple direct flights every week from Seoul, Honolulu and Hong Kong
“When it comes to outsourcing, Fiji is the new India”
Robert Seidl, CTO, Genius,Sales 2.0, Silicon Valley