Autography, Inc.

Memorabilia has a futureā€”it's DIGITAL
Santa Clara, California, United States United States
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Autography is poised to disrupt the multibillion-dollar memorabilia market just as Netflix did with movies and Spotify did with music.

Autography’s platform enables fans and celebrities to connect directly and create personalized digital memorabilia. Fans can submit selfies or request digital photos with personalized messages, autographs, and videos via Autography’s website, and celebrities create biometrically-authenticated memorabilia from their mobile devices and receive payment for each one.

Autography empowers fans and celebrities with digital convenience. Just as the digital revolution disrupted and expanded how music, movies, and other physical goods are sold and distributed, the memorabilia industry is ripe for a similar disruptive transition and rapid global expansion. Beyond marque sports and entertainment celebrities, digital memorabilia opens up entirely new markets with online influencers (YouTube and Instagram), gamers, eSports players, and other famous personalities with millions of fan followers. 

Fans pay for personalized messages and authenticated autographs, and Autography shares the revenue with the celebrities and their representatives (e.g., leagues, unions, and agents) where applicable. Revenue splits to Autography for each autographed image range from 40 percent to 50 percent of the gross revenue.