Putting Wearables to Work in the Enterprise
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Company description

Augmate gives enterprises complete control over the management of smart glasses by allowing administrators to operate the devices through a Wearable Environment Manager portal. Our infrastructure platform handles device management, user management, beacon management (launching content based on proximity to beacon), security, policies, and over the air application deployments all from the Augmate Platform.





Awards and Mentions
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    Recon Instruments Launches Partner Program to Accelerate Enterprise Ecosystem Growth
  • 27958_4138
    DHS picks 10 startups out of 250 to partner with for their innovative technology.
  • 27958_4137
    Selected by NTT Data for opportunities to work with their business units.
  • Business model

    Our platform fees are SaaS model. We do not charge application developers to manage end customer pilots (<10 devices), but charge $150 per device per year when companies move to production access with our platform.

    ccording to Forrester, there are 274 different jobs that could benefit from smart glasses, or about 8% of workforce. This equates to ~9M smart glasses in the enterprise over next 5 years and Augmate will ride this curve. We are forecasting a range of: $80MM ARR to $216MM ARR by 2020. Primed for exit in 3-4 years.

    Competitive advantage

    Specialized team with deep knowledge and passion about smart glasses, provisional patent, and first mover advantage with many barriers to entry. Our connections and position in the ecosystem is strong!

    MDM solutions do not prevent usage of accessories like cameras, nor provide creation of security geofences that dictate where smart glasses can be used within a facility.