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Audience Hound
The AdWords of Radio
Pleasant Hill, California, United States United States
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Company description

Here is why Audience Hound should be at Splash:

  1. I founded Audience Hound specifically to capitalize on the $40B radio advertising market, the industry’s solution providers are ignoring.
  2. Audience Hound’s goal is to take full advantage of this oversight by enabling the centralized, targeted buying of radio advertising for any combination of market and demographic.
  3. Audience Hound achieves this goal by providing a programmatic platform which exposes the long tail of radio.
  4. Our strategically simplified workflows replace the cumbersome processes presently hindering this $40 billion market.
  5. Most importantly, the timing is perfect for Audience Hound’s solution.
  6. The 2016 presidential election opens a singular opportunity for Audience Hound to rapidly penetrate and dominate this market.
  7. When the additional $5B in political ad spend hits the market next year Audience Hound will be the only programmatic platform allowing targeted buying of broadcast audiences in every … voting … district … in the country.
  8. With the election as our springboard, Audience Hound will establish our platform as the simplest, most powerful way to buy, or sell, broadcast advertising.
  9. In summary, Audience Hound is making buying radio advertising as easy as buying digital.

Consider us The AdWords of Radio.




Business model

One of the beautiful things about the plan for Audience Hound is that our revenue model is based on an industry standard 15% commission.

The overall industry is a $40B market. Our initial obtainable portion of that is $1B which will result in $150M in revenue.

Competitive advantage

Radio is a substantial market but it is tiny when compared to TV and Digital. This is why those two forms of media have so many competitors in the marketplace. As such there are few competitors.

Additionally, every other company which has tried to address the radio industry has done so with significant flaws in their approaches. Our advantage is that after 20 years in the industry, bringing mulitple, successful products to market for this same types of customers, we know which problems have to be solved.