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I bet you think you smartphone cant get any smarter, but Atooma is changing the game. Atooma is a context aware application able to perform automated actions when some conditions are fulfilled, by involving mobile functionalities (location, wifi, call, email and all the rest), apps (Box, Fb, Twitter, Calendar, Maps and the most popular), and objects (NFC Tags, wearable devices we connect). Now 130k users everyday make Atooma run on their smartphone and create amazing rules in few seconds.

User can create rules without any technical skills in few seconds, or can download and get inspiration from the community's creations.

From a B2C perspective Atooma will generate revenue with in-app purchase model based on advanced features (example: NFC Tags. If I tap my Office NFC Tags, my smartphone take specific settings as set automatic text/email if someone call me during a meeting, and more).From a B2B perspective Atooma will generate revenue through partnership/Oem with Home Automation companies/Vendors/Operators or service provider operating in the smart home market. We are already generating revenue and validating this business model.