We connect and empower people at the base of the economic pyramid.
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There are billions of people globally who have mobile phones in their hands, but who struggle to meet their basic needs. Atma is creating mobile applications that improve their lives. Our first product will help marginalized communities in the developing world adapt to the threat of water scarcity. Hundreds of millions of people who lack clean and consistent piped water in their homes spend a substantial portion of their income buying water from unregulated and often unreliable private vendors--often paying 20 to 30 times the cost that their wealthier neighbors pay. The Water Buddy mobile app helps poor urban residents get better access to water by crowd sourcing real-time information on water prices and vendors. Water Buddy empowers low income consumers, makes water markets more efficient and transparent, and helps poor people access reliable and affordable water.

Nearly a billion people live without access to safe water sources, and nearly 1.6 million people die every year from water related diseases (WHO 2013). Hundreds of millions of people—even those with basic access—must spend precious time and money buying water from private vendors. We plan to launch Water Buddy first in Indonesia, where piped water is available to only 30% of urban residents and 9% of rural residents—but where 86% of the population has access to mobile phones. Roughly 65 million urban residents live without running water in Indonesia alone, and some 700 million urban dwellers around the world don’t have piped water.

Awards and Mentions
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    Based on an early prototype Water Buddy, our business plan, and user acquisition strategy, we won First Prize at the Tech for Good Start Up Weekend in November 2013.