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Companies are made of people. Atlas Softwaret helps them work more efficiently.
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Atlas Software


Atlas Software is a simple but effective, company developing, business management system. Established in 2015, Atlas Software helps Managing Directors to coordinate and supervise all work within one system, and also helps employees perform their tasks more efficiently.


Atlas Software develops systems for business. 

Atlas ERP is a cloud business automation system and your 24/7 working assistant. This inexpensive solution is easy to implement and will come in handy even for small companies.

 Atlas ERP is able to work with customers, model business processes, manage projects and production, prepare analytics and carry out financial accounting. The company becomes transparent and manageable. The Managing Director controls the work of each department, and the employees have a precise list of tasks.

The system is comprised of several modulesTrade, Internet Marketing, Projects, BPM, CRM, and Analytics. As well as Service Desk, HRM, Social Network, MES and Knowledge Base.

This is a simple and flexible system. The customers use only the required modules, which are integrated into a single system. 

 Atlas ERP contains elements of artificial intelligence and the system automatically performs certain actions, and constantly learns and adapts to the user.

 Atlas ERP works from any browser and has an android-app. The company also provides a month of free access (try it now).

 Atlas ERP displays the whole company from A to Z in one system.

Atlas Projects is a cloud project management system for everyone, from small startups to large companies.

Tasks within the projects are displayed in a common panel. The elements of artificial intelligence that have been implemented into the system define the priority tasks and make a daily to-do list. This allows you to work with dozens or even hundreds of projects simultaneously.

Atlas Projects may be applied in all fields: from marketing and design to development and production. The system integrates all employees, and they begin to operate as a single organism.

Atlas Projects includes all the features required for work: Project panel, Gantt Chart, PMBok or SCRUM, Social network, Priorities, Tasks, and Calendar.
The system works from any browser, has an android-app and is absolutely free up to 15 employees (get forever free account now). 

Atlas Projects will change the company’s vision on ​​project management. All information is collected in one place: employee data, tasks, communications, and statistics.