Location: POB #14 , Bethlehem, Georgia, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Bethlehem, Georgia, United States United States

More of an idea and a website with lofty goals than any sort of business. But, response has been so good I got thinking 'This could be a GREAT START-UP'.

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Company description

There are plenty of websites that charge people to promote themselves to the movie industry. AtlantaFilmCrew.Com will not be one of these. Using our great video delivery platform and social sharing enabled website the goal is to make Atlanta more accessible to the tv,movie,film, and video makers from Hollywood and indeed the entire world.

I do not have a business plan at this time. Revenue by advertising alone

could be profitable. Not much capital needed. So many people have signed up and some of them have interesting email addresses that I am thinking hard about officially making this a start-up, writing a business plan, choosing a few great partners and take this to a higher level.