Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform (as featured at DEMO)

Next-Generation End User Experience Management: Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence
Westborough, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

About the Video Pitch

Trevor Matz, President & CEO of Aternity ( leads a lively, day-in-the-life scenario of the frustration frontline users and IT/help desk support experience on a daily basis with current IT infrastructure - system slowdowns, crashes, and unresponsiveness -- all leading to frustrated end users and harried IT/support!  Frontline user Manny Mailer is played by Aternity's CTO, Eden Shochat and Helpdesk Harry is played by Aternity's VP of Technical Services, Raviv Chalamish.


More about Aternity

Aternity redefines end user experience management by providing the industry's first frontline performance intelligence platform designed to dramatically reduce business disruptions and significantly increase end user productivity. With Aternity, Global 1000 enterprises benefit from a 360 degree view of frontline user experience, self-learning, preemptive problem detection, and right-time decision support. Aternity achieves this by uniquely transforming every desktop - real or virtual - into a self-monitoring platform that is user-experience aware. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the Aternity management team brings together leading entrepreneurs, technologists and business leaders from the US and Israel. Among the investors in Aternity are Intel Capital, Vertex Venture Capital, Genesis Partners, and Clal Industries and Investments LTD. To learn how Aternity can bring winning performance to your frontline and to find out if you qualify for a free proof-of-concept, visit     

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