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Company description

Business model


Astro-Watch is headquartered in Irvine, CA and aims to help people with their decision making by utilizing the ancient astrological techniques developed by eastern Indians thousands of years ago.  The timing of events plays an important role in their final outcome. Astro-Watch will provide indications on how good or bad the time is for a particular activity.  


The product is a mobile phone based application, which is user friendly and indicates the auspiciousness of time for different activities. like meetings, proposals, flights, food, travel etc. The application can also be integrated with the calendar and used to plan future events. This not only provides extra bit of confidence to the users, but also helps them utilize the ancient Indian Vedic science to their advantage.

 Customer and Market

Anyone who wishes to optimize their decision making and has an access to a 3-G, 4-G enabled phone, and has some belief ancient sciences, is our potential customer.

The market is expanding at an exponential rate as more and more users are switching to mobile phones from desktop computers to access internet and the awareness about ancient sciences in increasing.


Astro-watch will generate most of its revenues from the sale of its browser based application and customized services. It would also provide customizations and add on products.


Astro-Watch requires a two part investment of $200,000 and $250,000 as a series A and B phase investment respectively. With an IRR of 70.44% and a NPV $6.14million, it is expected to break even in 16months. The detailed 72 months cash flow structure is explained in theFinancials segment.

Competitive advantage

A team of highly qualified professionals, with great exposure to traditional Indian sciences and stong astrology network.


Product: A  mobile application that would provide users current astrological conditions, and would tell them whether the astrological conditions at a particular moment are favorable to initiate certain tasks. Eg. Before booking an airline ticket, Astro Watch could be consulted about the best time to fly. While deciding about the best time to get married, Astro Watch can provide an indication on how auspicious the time is.

This knowledge has been available since 1000s of years in ancient Indian texts, but was never easily accessible. With the advent of portable communication devices like 3G/4G phones, iPads, this knoweldge can be used more effectively and can benefit a greater number of people.

Price: Low to medium (Differential pricing strategy). Based on features.

Promotion: Social Media marketing, collaborations with Astrologers, mobile app stores,  and TV Ads. Facebook application for the same.

Placement: Real time mobile astrology. More relevant compared to sun sign horoscopes, and less complicated than consulting astrologers.


Most of our potential competitors are large on the web space with poor target on the mobile consumer. In order to set the tone for our landscape of competition the following are our primary considerations:



a)     Facebook

Horoscope application subscribers– 1.17 million users. Free subscription to tools and provides matchmaking andmoney market forecasting

b)      MSN Astrology

Complete suite ofweb-entertainment solutions. Highest market cap of users and 113 million uniqueweb clicks. Provides Tarot reading and Chinese horoscopes on a daily basis.Mobile compatible site.


No. of subscribers – 2 million,mode of delivery – Web, Emails and subscription horoscopes. Non customized  solutions and older demographics

d)     Astrologers and Tarot Readers