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The Easy Way to Stay In Touch Everyday
Santa Cruz, California, United States United States
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Company description

Assure Technologies builds technology products that provide social connection and support for people in the 50+ market. Our product WithMe is a mobile app for iOS and Android based on a simple daily Check-In. Every day, the user is sent a push notification reminding them to Check-In. They tap the notification, and can choose an emoji and a canned message to send their contacts. Their contacts receive the check-in and can optionally respond using the same visual messaging system. If the user misses the Check-In, their contacts are alerted, and are provided with the option of sending a text message or making a phone call.


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Business model

We are currently focused on user acquisition rather than revenue. We will use a freemium / premium subscription model. Additional, paid for features will be based around supportive aspects, rather than social aspects, of the technology. A secondary source of income is B2B partnerships.

Competitive advantage

In working with the 50+ market we have learned that people will adopt social technology (facebook, friends with words), but will resist supportive technology (home monitoring, emergency alert pendants) - no one wants to admit that they need help. WithMe provides a social connection with a supportive aspect, thus bridging this gap.