AssertID, Inc.

AssertID, Inc.
Promoting Trust & Civility in social-web Interactions
San Mateo, California, United States United States
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Company description

AssertID answers the question: How do you know who you're interacting with online? Our patent-pending identity verification solution leverages the trust you share with your closest friends to build an on-line identity credential you can use with others who don't know you as well.

Our low-friction approach employs peer verification and Social Network Analysis (SNA) to determine the likelihood that you are who you claim to be. Because our service is based on a user's social-graph and does not require third-party databases, our solution is simple to use and is a global solution with no geographical or political boundaries. 

Our foundation service will be broadened to provide online "reputation services" and protection from identity impersonation (identity hijacking).

Business model

No charge to end-users - revenue derived from fees charged to "relying parties" (web sites or web services which derived benefit from enhanced identity verification and trust of their user-base). To be offered as an integrated feature for websites such as online dating, news forums, online classified adds, etc. Also offered as a transaction service (identity oracle model).

Competitive advantage

There are many identity verification solutions on the web which rely on third-party databases and/or require users to provide sensitive personal information. These are "high-friction" solutions which create significant barriers to user uptake. Also, many of these solutions are limited by the nature of their verification data - this could limit them geographically (e.g. US only) or to a specific demographics (e.g. individuals with a financial history). 

Our key differentiators are the low-friction, ease-of-use and global nature of our solution.Our approach is ideal for a wide range of web-based applications where non-invasive and ease-of-use are essential.