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Company description

Everyone wants to learn something new. Whether it's how to make an iPhone app, or how to start a business, we all crave creativity and execution.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a tool so simple and accessible, that you can start a business anywhere?  Imagine building something from scratch that suddenly gains a huge fan base and your fans start purchasing goods from your profile. Now you can build a DIY business without spending a dime.  

With the rise of 3D printers, laser cutters, computer aided design programs and open source hardware, Makers have access to more resources than ever before.  With 135 million maker Americans and the rise of DIY subcultures growing online, we found one problem:  

There is no single mobile platform to share and monetize DIY content.

Our solution, AspiredSteps a mobile-first DIY platform that empower users to learn and earn with friends.  Imagine, AspiredSteps as the next Instagram for mCommerce.

With a $308B DIY industry, there is no single platform that simplifies the process by including the materials with the projects' actionable steps.  Our solution is seamless and free!  We believe a user revolution will empower one another by sharing insightful experiences and useful content for others to grow. Together, we are not only teaching new hobbies -- we are creating real businesses! 






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Business model

We have a proprietary mobile-first platform that empowers users to: 

1) Learn any DIY with actionable steps 
2) Gamify actionable steps as a habit forming product 
3) Earn money to fund a users' dream when DIY supplies are bought. 

Competitive advantage

There are currently no mobile platforms for Makers (DIYers) that allow them to connect, share, and build a business for their craft. We are the first to do so, and we are going to be disrupting a $322 Billion DIY industry by doing so.